Make Top Dollar at Your Next Yard Sale: Impulse Purchase Tips

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We all know that big money usually comes from selling bigger items like tools and or furniture for instance, but there have many times people just walk away from a sale empty handed as they just don't see ANYTHING they want. I can assure you that's not what you want at any sale!  So "SUPER DISPLAY" TO THE RESCUE!
What are some great impulse purchase items to put out at your next yard sale?
For some it might be baked goods. I personally do not recommend baked goods or any kind of food sale at a yard sale because in today's world you must be concerned with all the legal and health considerations which are attached to that.
So what does one put out when you can't put out some chocolate? lol
Jewelry? NEVER get these appraised first
Coins / Cash ? NEVER get these appraised first
Dollar Items: Now you're talking
We are talking about junk drawer little things and small kitchen and bathroom items ... WHAT? WHY?
Bathroom Items:
hair spray you'll never use : you get the idea
anything you'll never use
There's probably about 10 items in your bathroom you could sell and half you don't use. Don't forget the containers and baskets too. Look under the sink and don't miss the medicine cabinet ! Think appliances too like curling irons, flat irons and hair dryers. All great sales to be made.
Kitchen Items:
Probably the most rewarding and most wonderful ROI you could have at your yard sale for impulse purchases is KITCHEN ITEMS. I've had people look at all my stuff and almost ALMOST walk away without making a sale until they saw my GREAT DEALS I was offering on my kitchen items.
cookie cutters
napkins (party stuff)
little things from the junk drawer
serve ware
wine accessories
towels and excessive dish cloth stuff 
water bottles
excessive everything
water filters
things I will never use: IT ALL GOES OUT to the yard sale. Price it cheap and watch the money roll in.
There's sooo much more I could add to this list but I'm sure all you have to do is get some empty boxes and just begin unloading the cabinet with things you'll just never use.
So you probably already knew this information listed above, but I'm here to tell you how to SUPER DISPLAY it:
USE a RED VINYL TABLE CLOTH or a different color then the rest of the tables! Seems to work great!
1) One Big Table dedicated to this stuff and of course keep the kitchen and bath stuff separate.
2) BIG SIGN which briefly describes your plea: "GREAT STUFF CHEAP". "FANTASTIC FINDS NOW" "PRICED TO SELL !" "ONLY A DOLLAR PER ITEM". Make the Sign do the work.
3) Placement of SUPER DISPLAY: You don't want them to leave without buying something. Make sure you walk them over to your super display if they should (gasp) miss it.
4) If they still look uninterested tell them you'll bundle them a deal like 2 for $1.00, 2 for $5.00... offer them a bag. Make it enticing.
The whole idea is to get them leaving with the purchase in hand. As  NEW shoppers approach your sale, they will see others leaving with a purchase in hand, and this will boost their confidence about your sale.
ONE FINAL NOTE: there should be other signs too which explain what some of these items on the tables are for. People don't want to ask what that little "do-dad" is. Make it EASY for them to understand it and easy to buy it.
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