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For just $19.99 per month, your business is advertised to thousands of viewers in Cherry Hill, NJ and 80 Local Communities
  • Continued advertising and promotion for your business takes place in email marketing and social media shares.
  • Your business ad is spotlighted as individual ads throughout the website. Ads are "sprinkled" throughout event and yard sale marketing on this site as well as merchandise for sale ads. 
  • Viewers find Cherry Hill Yard Sale, LLC. via Google, Social Media, direct log on and happy customer referrals as well. 

Know how your Ad is performing
Click through statistics are emailed to you monthly.
When a viewer clicks into your ad it is recorded under your account.
At the end of your 30 Day Ad Run, these click through statistics are emailed to you.

Once you advertise with Cherry Hill Yard Sale, LLC. your business is treated EXCLUSIVELY.
So you will never find 2 real estate agents being advertised on this website, or 2 Roofing Companies etc. 
To Place Your Business Ad: 
Step 1: Please Register (Registration is free)
Step 2: Add Your Listing (Choose: Advertise Your Business)
Step 3: Write Your Ad and Pay with PayPal. Don't worry about making mistakes on your Ad. All advertising is reviewed with you prior to the ad going Live on the site.
No time?
No problem!
Go Ahead and Register first.
Then, take a picture of your business card and 
email it: mycherryhillyardsale@gmail.com
text it: ( 856 ) 433-1087 
We'll get back to you right away and help you get your ad placed.
All payments are made via PayPal and you can cancel at anytime.
If You Have Other Questions:
Call or text (856) 433-1087 



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