bathroom declutter

Edward McNally



De-Clutter Your Bathroom

How can you make sure your bathroom is functional AND beautiful?
                       Let’s get started!
  • First, set up an area to help you organize items. Have a “trash” and “remove from bathroom” bin set up, and a large clear space where you can set everything out and take stock.
  • Tackle any countertops and visible areas first. Put away anything that doesn’t need to be out. Keep things close to where they’re used – put hand soap, and toothbrushes and toothpaste near the sink. It’s much easier to keep cleared spaces clean and sanitary.
  • Throw away old items, and products that have expired and don't forget to recycle where you can!
  • Once all items are out, wipe all the cabinets and surfaces down, dust, and clean areas you normally can’t get to.
  • Plan to put everything away by how often you use it. Back-ups and spares? Put those in the back of the cabinets.
  • Put things away according to how they’re used. Morning skin care products should go together, in the order they’re used.
  • Don’t let your drawers become catch-alls. Add organizers and small boxes to keep things tidy.
  • Small bathroom? Buy vertical organizers that go over the toilet or shelves that sit higher in the room.

     Does your room feel peaceful? Now, stick with it and make it a habit to keep it that way.

     Set aside a few minutes every time you get ready in the morning to put each item you use back in its spot. 
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