Meet Up Tips to Keep You Safe as You Sell: an Update 2019

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If you are posting things online whether it’s on this site or another classified site, be very wary of meet-ups and scammers.... gee wiz ... that really makes you want to sell stuff... right ? 

Well guess what? It’s actually pretty simple to sell stuff and not get scammed by remembering some basic rules.

Now chances are you may already know one or some of these rules I’m about to list, but it doesn’t hurt to reinforce these safety rules.

#1 Don’t Give Anyone Information from Your Phone

Now a phone number is ok for texting or phone calls, but never give out any codes that might come to your phone. This has been going on for years. The scammer will text you and say that they want to have a code sent to your phone because they want to make sure YOU are not a scammer. Yep that’s right. They are actually saying that to people and some people are believing it.


NEVER tell anyone any codes you receive on your phone.

Real scammers will associate your phone number with their scams!

So don’t ever give any codes to anyone.

#2 Never Give Anyone Your Address

~ Meet at coffee shops (inside the shop).

~ Meet at the local police station designated meet up area where there are video cameras and of course the police !

~ Meet at Your Local Bank.

#3 Don’t Believe Stories

Anything from,  “I’ll send you a money order "  to  I’ll send my people to pick up the item”

It’s all a bogus story.


You need to remember one thing :

If they cannot meet you in person, and pay you cash on the spot, then end that transaction immediately.  If they pressure you to do otherwise, then they are scammers. End the conversation and don’t talk to them anymore.


Other Great Tips:

*Bring a friend or family member to Meetups.

*Meet INSIDE the building 

*Don’t tell your buyer what you are actually wearing or what your car actually looks like until after you see them first. You want to be able to see them show up first and make sure they are not threatening in any way.

Remember, you are not being paranoid. You are being cautious. You can always explain to them later that you gave them “wrong information “ on purpose because you were protecting yourself.

*Making a “Big Dollar” Sale?

Insist that you meet at your bank. Once there you can feel safe and ask the teller or bank employee to check the currency making sure they are not counterfeit. And of course the bank is completely covered with security cameras...everywhere! Suggesting that you meet at your bank will filter out the unwanted buyers. Let's face it. If they don't want to meet you at the bank they either don't have good currency to offer you or they don't want to be seen by all of those cameras. Either way, you just filtered out the unwanted buyer.

 There are lots of nice people out there who just want to conduct a normal buy and sell transaction. So don't freeze up your selling potential. Just know some of these basics and you'll do well. THANKS FOR READING AND PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE.
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