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Cherry Hill, NJ
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Lester Piano Upright Rare, view the video of this item!

excellent just needs tuning

Beautiful piece of wood; lovely furniture. AND,...there are no more around.

Lester Company had a factory outside of Philly years ago as my friend
had a brother-in-law who worked there.
They enjoyed a good reputation, (of course not like Steinway,) and
were quite popular.

Someone who is keen on products of the past might be interested,

The innards need serious work,....but the keys themselves are fine.
No chipping,
It's a lovely piece of furniture.

Piano needs tuning.
To hear the piano please listen to it on youtube at the Cherry Hill Yard Sale, LLC. youtube channel. Thank you.


Note: must bring everything and everyone you need to remove piano from an apartment location, take to service elevator and take to your vehicle.

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