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Single Listing Pricing Plans
Advertise items for sale, Events, Yard Sales: 30 Day Ad $2.99

  • 30 Day Listing 
  • Family Friendly Marketing
  • Easy to Post Your Ad and Pictures
  • Up to 10 Photos  
  • Social Media Share on Google and Facebook
  • Increased traffic for Your Sale, Event or Sale Item
  • No worries! All ads reviewed prior to going Live
  • Manage Your Ad or if you need help, Contact Us
Category Based Pricing Plans
Advertise Your Business, Business Card Display Ad 30 Days $19.99

  • Align Your Business with Family Friendly Marketing
  • Exclusivity:  ... only one roofer will be advertised, only one real estate agent, etc.
  • Rotated Business Card Display Advertising
  • Rotated, Featured Advertising via Email Signature
  • Social Media Share on Facebook and Google
  • Handouts during event participation and Pin Boarding
  • Please email your business card to get started



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