Items Not Advertised on Cherry Hill Yard Sale. Prohibited Items List.

What Items Cannot be Posted for Sale?

Cherry Hill Yard Sale Does Not Advertise the Following:

The following is not an exhaustive list.

We do not sell anything hazardous like paint, cleaning solvents, batteries, fireworks, pesticides.
We do not sell mailing lists, or subscriptions outside of our site subscriptions
We do not sell anything which cannot be authenticated.
We do not sell Gift Cards except to our Friends and Family network.

We Do NOT Post, List, or Sell the Following:
Anything illegal
Animals or Pets (we list lost pets only)
Anything dangerous
Anything flammable
Adult Only Content
Alcohol or drug related
Automobiles or Automobile Parts
Boats or Vehicles of any kind, or parts (except bicycles)
Baby seats
Child car seats
Credit cards
Currency of any kind
Coin collections
Contact lenses
Debit cards
Hate Related Material of any kind
Knives or any kind of weapon (kitchen knives okay)
Lottery tickets
Movies rated R (we only post G movies, PG, or PG-13
Pornographic or Offensive Material
Political material
Political propaganda
Political agenda of any kind
Prescription related items
Anti-Religious propaganda
Stocks and related items
Stamp collections
Tobacco related
Underwear or lingerie (will not post new, used or otherwise- will not post underwear or lingerie)
Used bathing suits (only new bathing suits can be posted only)

This is not an exhaustive list. There are many things we do not list or sell that may be deemed inappropriate for this site. More information is available on Site T.O.S.
If you have any questions, Just contact us to see if your item qualifies for listing on our site.

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