The Story of Cherry Hill Yard Sale Classified Advertising

Cherry Hill Yard Sale is an honest site where people could come together without fear because they follow police recommended safety tips and go to police recommended meeting sites.  

As the site owner, I inform people of safety tips when conducting meet ups. It's important to meet at the Cherry Hill Municipal Building (that's where the police are stationed).
Buy Local, Sell Local: I was looking  for a site that was a little more local, more concentrated and in my "neck of the woods".  It was especially important to look for a classified site that was family friendly. I couldn't find any so I created, "Cherry Hill Yard Sale (Classified Advertising).
Originally the site was only for Cherry Hill, NJ, but I've had so many requests from neighboring towns that I decided to open it up. So it is now available to other towns which are no more than a 30 minute drive from Cherry Hill, NJ.   You can read about the Service Areas Here.
So if you want to support a site that's Family Friendly, Promotes Safety, Helps people sell, and is growing everyday, then this site is for you!  Since 2015 this site has grown to 2k to 3k visits monthly. 
Mary Troost
Cherry Hill Yard Sale, LLC 
 (856) 433-1087
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